Надо написать не большой доклад на тему достопримечательность Лондона (перевод если можно)

Надо написать не большой доклад на тему достопримечательность Лондона (перевод если можно)
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Инна Клименко
London - first of all a city with a rich history, which greets you at every step. During the first visit to London to look at its attractions, beautiful views and beautiful spectacle. Unforgettable impressions will produce a changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace (every day at 11:30) and the horse Guards parade (at 11 o'clock and on Sundays at 10:00). You should definitely take a walk along Piccadilly, see the ensemble of Trafalgar square (Trafalgar Square), relax in Hyde Park (Hyde Park). The easiest way to see all the important sights of London is a bus tour. Westminster Abbey - it begins and ends with the Royal fate: in its walls коронуются British monarchs, but here they find eternal rest.
In addition, Westminster Abbey is famous for its "out of the corner of poets". In honor included in the history of the English - makers of Shakespeare, Chaucer, Milton, Wordsworth, Dickens and many other installed memorial plaques. But the real graves far not all the poets are right here.
In Westminster castle on the banks of the Thames from the 13th century meets the English Parliament, the medieval walls, impregnable and the majestic, as if symbolizing the inviolability of one of the oldest democratic institutions in Europe. You can not pass by the famous big Ben (Big Ben), the hours at which they keep track of time since 1859. Really big Ben " is the name not the tower and not the clock, a clock bell.
Just firmly stands on the Bank of the tower of London is an ancient fortress and a prison, the grim walls of which have seen a lot of blood, including the Royal. Be sure to pay attention to the guards tower - Beefeaters - in the luxurious uniforms.
Over the dark waters of the Thames stretches the famous tower bridge, recognizable, probably, all over the world. He became as much a symbol of London, as the Eiffel tower - Paris, the statue of Liberty - new York city. He even seems trivial, so closely his way connected with the capital of England. However, again and again, he shakes the viewer grandeur and austerity of forms.
At night the medieval dark tower bridge disappears and, thanks to modern illumination, he appears before us as a fantastic, fabulous construction.
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Milana Polivina

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