Сочинение на тему: рецензия фильма\книги\игры... План: 1.Представление произведения. 2.Описание

Сочинение на тему: рецензия фильма\книги\игры... План: 1.Представление произведения. 2.Описание сюжета. 3.Описание игры актёров. 4.реомендация.
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Манана Столяренко
I would like to tell you about "Arch of Triumph".  "Arch of Triumph" is a 1945 novel by Erich Maria Remarque. This book tells us the sad story  of German surgeon whose name was Ravic. He was a stateless. Ravic lives in Paris and he operates patients instaed of other surgeons. Once Ravic meets Joan Madou and strikes up an affair with her. Life of  Ravic varies not only with the advent of women in it, but an old enemy. He could lure into the woods and kill his chief tormentors - Gestapo Haake, promising to visit him in an elite brothel. At the end of the novel begins the war, Joan receives a fatal wound from a bullet of a jealous actor. Ravic refuses to hide under the guise of a Russian emigre and quietly given over to the police, they cracked down in the hotel where he lives. I really like this book. I would advise you to read it. I am sure that you will like this book. 
Frankenstein This history writen by Mary Shelled,in 1818.The  title of the book is "Frankenstein".It is very popular ,translated into many languages.It is a horror story.This is the story of Victor Frankenstein,a student of science from Geneva,who decides to create a human being.He  visits gravegards and collects bones and bodies.He creates a monster. The monster is huge and ugly. The monster has no friends and feels so lonely that it asks  for a friend .But Frankenstein refuses to create another human being.The monster starts attacking and killing people.It also kills his wife.The mounster says."I have  had my revenge.The rest of your life will be as miserable as mine". This fascinating story evokes both sympathy and fear at the same time .The story  is very sad and i feel very sorry for the main character.  
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