рассказ о роли английского я зыка в миер.10-12 предложений.

рассказ о роли английского я зыка в миер.10-12 предложений.
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Асия Моисеенко
The role of English in today's world
Wherever you were on earth - you probably always hear English speech. The urgency of selecting a topic due to the fact that English is popular throughout the world as a global language of the international community. Even today, English is a very special position, and turns into a lingua franca - lingua franca of all mankind.But half a century ago, English was just one of the international languages, along with others taken in many different languages spoken at the United Nations. As the Biblical legend, the construction of a grand tower of Babel has stopped due to lack of understanding between the people talking in different languages. It seems that today, humanity once again have a chance to find a common unified language in which the role for a large part of the world's population is already in English. More precisely, this is not English, and a simplified global English, as most of those who today enjoys a global English language, have never been to countries where English is the native language.
The object of study - English. Purpose of the study, the history of the English language and slang. The theoretical basis for writing the work were the materials on the Internet, academic material.Purpose: To investigate the origin of the English language and to compare the American, British and Australian slang.
English, which is the most taught language, not a substitute for other languages, but rather complements them, 300 million Chinese - more than the entire population of the United States - learn English, English in 90 countries - or a second language, either widely studied, in France public high schools for students required to study for four years of English or German language, the majority - at least 85% - choose English in Japan, students must study English for six years before graduating from high school. In Russia, where the study of foreign languages to children's need, the majority of teaching English. In Norway, Sweden and Denmark will study English language. Of all European countries, not the various territories of the historical processes of media convergence and divergence of different dialects and languages. Dialectology as a historical category is intended to reconstruct the history of different dialects, history, occurrence, development or loss of dialectal features of their distribution in certain areas, or narrow the scope of such an extension, ultimately seeks to reconstruct the history of the language in its dialectal variants throughout the existence and development of people carrier. Interestingly, in our opinion, is the fact that dialectology associated with ethnography, as many ethnographic and dialectological features together define a particular historical territory.
Ivanov, VV noted that the tribal division was the beginning of the later dialect division of the Russian territory. In place of the tribes in the Middle Ages were the feudal principalities, and then in their place - modern dialects, dating back to feudal and earlier, tribal dialects. Thus, the dialectical differences are rooted in antiquity.Native dialects and the language was Russian nationality. They have always been a lively folk speech, and with the rise in X-XI centuries literary language became one of his sources. Cultural-treated tongue to be understood only as it is written in the history of grinding, ie his conscious codification. In some of their qualities of this sign is relative, because the culture and its development - an essential feature of the nation as a whole. This is elaborated in the writings of cultural studies, it is always emphasized Academician DS Likhachev, who thought highly popular, and already, the peasant Russian culture and, moreover, in its heedless saw the cause of many ills of modern civilization.
Every nation, nationality, nation have their own traditional culture. In contrast to the codification of the literary language of folk culture of the language only of usual: it is in Language Usage is a selection of language means. Since culture is composed of popular speech, is formed by ethnic character of the people. The Russian philosopher Ivan Ilyin said that "the language contains a mysterious way and focused all his soul, all the past, all the spiritual way of life and all the creative ideas of the people"
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