Нужно составить сочинение на тему професии. Нужно указать праздники, время проводимое на работе,

Нужно составить сочинение на тему професии. Нужно указать праздники, время проводимое на работе, нравится ли работа, ответственность. Люди помогите пж
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Марат Голов
When asked what profession is the most important, everyone responds differently. And if you ask what is the most difficult and intense, perhaps, in the first place would be called severe male profession, remember the firefighters, rescuers, policemen, or water. The most knowledgeable scientists would call, all knowledge workers. But, in my opinion, there are people whose work brings together all of these characteristics. The point of their lives - the most necessary, most difficult, most responsible, requiring continuous improvement. These are the people facing the most important task - to identify, treat, prevent disease, ensure the preservation and promotion of health and disability of people who save lives. And these people - doctors.
For a long time he was credited with prolonging life. At a time when the devastating epidemic and the war took the lives of millions of people, doctors have persistently searched for ways to get rid and protect against dangerous diseases, trying to reduce complications from injuries and surgeries. They created all the new drugs and vaccines, often experiencing them myself, so as not to endanger other people. Through them the opportunity to prevent and treat a huge number of diseases that were previously considered lethal.
In a world of constantly emerging new, previously unknown diseases, epidemics break out. And as always, come to the rescue "health guards" - brave, determined people who are exposed to unknown risks, engaging in the fight against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. Doctors, as before, save people, protect life on Earth.
In the rush of modern life, where everyone cares primarily about their daily bread, health issues are often overshadowed. And remember, we currently only when it gets really bad. That's when most of us can not do without the intervention of a specialist. And every day the doctors are doing their best and sometimes impossible, to help us get back to normal, normal life.
And how often members of this profession have a difficult save lives and it all depends on their skills, ability to take correct and timely decision. And you can not make a mistake, because the cost of failure - human life.
It is difficult even to imagine what would happen to the planet if it were not for doctors. If no one studied the causes and nature of the disease was not looking for life-saving drugs and treatments.
Medicine is constantly in development. New diseases call for new knowledge. In addition, physician knowledge and skills are not confined to a clean area of medicine. This person must be a good psychologist - to be able to listen to a man to penetrate his soul, able to soothe, inspire hope, confidence, faith, to be able to convince the correctness
and the need for the prescribed treatment. After all, many people, oddly enough, are reluctant to take care of their health and often their stubbornness only worsen the condition, slowing the healing process.
For this job you must have a particular temperament, attentiveness, patience, serenity, kindness, and at the time of Yasa - hardness, ability to make decisions quickly, a great sense of responsibility. It certainly must be a person with all my heart devoted to his work, a man who understands the importance and seriousness of the profession, one who is not afraid of the dangers, difficulties, who agrees to devote his life to people and working to continue to learn and improve.
In my opinion, the doctors every day commit heroic acts. After all, they save people, their lives, often risking their and they prolong the existence of mankind. Is not this is their great feat?
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Сашка Бараболя

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