помогите пожалуйста написать сочинение на тему идеальный учитель на английском!

помогите пожалуйста написать сочинение на тему идеальный учитель на английском!
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Далия Быковець
As I imagine the ideal teacher of Czech language? So far, very bad.Will this man? Or a woman? On the one hand, let it be a woman. So somehow familiar, as almost everyone remembers, "my first teacher," and not a teacher. High elderly lady, always dressed stunningly elegant. Not a hint of vulgarity, straight posture, self-esteem, but at the same time - the openness of the world and a willingness to make contact with young people.
And maybe teach Czech to my age. The girl barely older. Of medium height, a small city car with a big bag. Organized, efficient, fast. She also maintains a blog on the Internet, which is often described his novels. But all will be able to find it until after graduation.
Or it's better to be a teacher - a man? Such a nice to have all the girls breath away. Brown eyes, long eyelashes, musical fingers, the hair on his shoulders - rather a model than a teacher. Around him is always the sea delights, and married, of course, the one who does not share this enthusiasm. Such a teacher of Czech sink right in the heart. Passing down.
Appearance is not to guess, and often it can be deceiving. More importantly, what qualities will have my master the Czech language.What is characteristic of the most memorable?
Let it be first of all, open and sociable. Of course, you can say that often in movies and books have attracted the silent and mysterious characters. But everything in life is the opposite, right? An open and sociable - remember.
More stylish. Not just well-dressed, and with his own style. Image.You look at him once - and for some reason just remembered. Oh well, that 10 years later, while walking with her husband and children-twins on the Charles Bridge, the view suddenly stumble upon a familiar silhouette and takes only a few seconds to realize who it was. Of course, the tutor of the Czech language. Whose course you probably have not got.
Let it be fair. Indicates an error blamed for mistakes. But as praise for the successes that the praise it eventually becomes almost like a drug - after class you running home to have time to do the job in the Czech afternoon, while the head still retains the ability to think. To again tomorrow to hear "well done". Being a stiff upper lip is much better than not to justify the expectations.
Fair, of course. And yet, perhaps rigorous. Strict teacher to be easy.Students in the offended you forever, but they know - to beg for evaluation makes no sense. But after completing his studies in the Czech Republic strict teachers to thank the most. Someone in person, and someone just remember every day dozens of people willing and mentally health, happiness and prosperity.
My ideal teacher of Czech language, not only teaches us grammar and helps to memorize words, he pays a lot of time characteristics of Czech culture and history. Moreover, says something quite different from what is written in textbooks. How the Czechs prepared food, buy clothes, build houses, go to the doctor, meet, fall in love, get married ... The teacher always knows what is happening today in Prague and the surrounding area - which came to the exhibition, are the performances, which play a talented street musicians, and in what store today sale. He did not just teach us the Czech language, it teaches us of Czech life, points to small fragments, without which the Czech Republic would not be the way it is. Without knowing it, if he gives us the Czech Republic - presents her hot, curvy, on a large platter, richly flavored Czech grammar. He fall in love with his country of all students without exception, and does it with such ease that we do not even notice, and it seems like ourselves have learned all these amazing facts and interesting stories. Perhaps some of us will never understand who has opened for them the real Bohemia. Living, breathing, beautiful and incredibly sincere.
The most important thing. The ideal teacher of Czech language loves his job. You can curve, filling another nobody wanted the document to complain about the salary, get tired of checking books, hate the first couple ... But the real teacher in my soul always knows that he can not do anything else. Only three of the profession are given to us by God - to teach, heal, and to judge. A teacher gives knowledge, strict judges of their wards and heals their souls
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