Помогите!!! Сочинение по англ.яз (не большое 5-8 предложений 7 класс) на тему "Мой кумир" кумир

Помогите!!! Сочинение по англ.яз (не большое 5-8 предложений 7 класс) на тему "Мой кумир" кумир можно выбрать любой) заранее спасибо=* на завтра задали((
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Василиса Бердюгина
Kesha was born on the 1st of March. Her breakthrough came in early 2009 after appearing on Flo Rida's number one single "Right round". Her debut album "Animal",know it knows like Cannibal, were released in 2010. Animal debuting as the USA's number-one album and there were two number-one singles Tik tok and We R Who We R and this songs were in top ten hits. First single in album Animal is Tik tok. Tik tok topped the charts in eleven countries. Spending nine weeks at the 1st place of the Billboard Hot 100, Tik tok became one of hits that kept in top longer than one month. Blah blah blah Your love is my drug and Take it off were released as the almum's second third and fourth singles that are very popular, too. I very like all Kesha's songs. У меня к тебе не большой совет. Возьми все названия песен в скобки" а Кеша пиши Ke$ha.  
Robert Pattinson is the most popular young actor in the world. He was born May 13, 1986 in London. His star rose suddenly and brightly in 2005 after Robert performed the part of Cedric Diggory in the super popular blockbuster "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". Subsequently, the film critics tagged him "the British star of tomorrow." The prophecy came true on November 17, 2008. I like this actor because his characters are strong personalities, people who value friendship, which is admirable. In my opinion, this is the reason for his popularity in many countries. Pettenson became my favorite actor, not only because of his acting, but also because of his behaviour in public: he does not put himself above all. He is not only a talented actor, whose acting inexplicably interests you from the moment his face appears on the screen, but he is also a talented pianist and guitarist.Rob continues to perform his music, and even contributed to the creation of the title theme for the official soundtrack of the movie "Twilight".
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Zheka Ларченко

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