За решения данного задания 20 баллов 11 класс.

За решения данного задания 20 баллов 11 класс.
Категория: Английский язык 4 года назад
На вопрос 4 года назад
1) Jack asked me why I had done that.
2) Janet asked Kate where she was going on Sunday.
3) A woman asked somebody how much that magazine cost.
4) Tom asked his wife what she would cook for supper.
5) Mother asked her daughter what time film had finished.
6) Chris asked Henry how long he had been working as a manager.
7) The policeman asked me what my name was.
8) The shop assistant asked the woman what size she wore.
9) The waiter asked us if we had already read the menu.
10) The boss asked secretary why she was late.
11) The journalist asked to an actor how many films he had starred in.
12) A tourist asked the guide how many countries he had visited.
13) A girl asked a doctor why he liked his job.
14) Ron asked Angela how many foreign languages she could speak.
15) Janet asked Victor where Olga would wait for them.
16) Roy asked Max whose umbrella he took.
17) Tina asked workers when they would finish decorating the living room.
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