Make up dialogues: Suggested SituationsA. Helen has

Make up dialogues: Suggested Situations
A. Helen has invited some friends to a dinner party. She has cooked ail the dishes herself and proudly mentions the fact. Her friends do not find everything quite to their liking, but try not to show it. On the whole, every one is having great fun.
B, An irritable husband is sitting at dinner and criticizing his wife's cooking. He is trying to teach her the way this or that dish should be cooked though he knows very little about it. The wife is doing her best to defend herself.
C. A hostess is treating a lady-visitor to a meal. The visitor keeps repeating that she is on a slimming-diet, that she never eats anything fattening and that, in general, she eats like a little bird. Yet she helps herself to this and that very heartily, till the hostess begins watching the disappearing food with some anxiety.
D. A slow waitress is taking an order from a hungry and impatient client. All the client's efforts to order this or that dish are refused on all kinds of pretexts: the pork is fat; the beef is tough; they haven't got any more potatoes in the kitchen; the ice-cream has melted; the cook has a toothache, etc.
E. Two very young and extremely inexperienced housewives are advising each other as to the best way of feeding their husbands. One of them is inclined to take the line of least resistance and to serve only tinned food for all the meals. The other points out that tinned food alone will never do and suggests other ways of solving the problem.
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Gleb Vasilchuk
1.C 2.D 3.E 4.B 5. A
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Динара Король

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