Помогите срочно упр 45 пожалуйста !!

Помогите срочно упр 45 пожалуйста !!
Категория: Английский язык 4 года назад
На вопрос 4 года назад
Женя Ефименко
1.She is meeting him at the airport this evening
2.He is going to the dentist after midday
3.They are staying at the Grand Hotel tomorrow
4.We.are having a party this weekend
5.Ted is traveling .by car next month6.Ann is leaving for London in a few hours.
7.Ted and Ann playing chess after them.
8 I'm having lunch with Mr Smith at 2 pm.
9.My friend and i cleaning our classroom after lesson.
10.My friend is flying to Amsterdam this night.
Ответ получен 4 года назад
Таня Гусева

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