Твір на англійській мові when I was ill

Твір на англійській мові when I was ill
Категория: Английский язык 4 года назад
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Анастасия Тищенко
Last winter I fell ill. I felt bad. I had a terrible headache, a sore threat and I had a strong pain in my legs.The next day I went to see the doctor, he took my pulse, listened to my heart and lungs and took my temperature. It was rather high. My throat was read and it was difficult for me to swallow and to breath. It was a bad cold. The doctor told me to stay in bed. He prescribed me some medicine and said to take this two times a day.I was ill for four days. On the fifth day I recovered and went to school. My friends were happy to see me and I understand, what I have to do to be healthy. I should do morning exercises, take a cold shower, go in for sports especially outdoors.I shouldn’t eat fried food and should eat fruits and vegetables. I shouldn’t eat many sweets. And I’ll be more healthy, stronger, fitter, better disciplined and more organized.
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Есения Якименко

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