Вопрос №10 Read the text. Choose 3 true sentences below it. Lara: Hello, Jack, good to see you. I

Вопрос №10 Read the text. Choose 3 true sentences below it. Lara: Hello, Jack, good to see you. I was just going to call you. You know the play I’m preparing with my class? Would you be able to play one of the roles? Jack: Why me? I haven’t been in a play for years. Lara: Well, unless I find somebody soon, I may have to give up the whole idea. And it would be such a pity, come on, I thought you loved acting… Jack: When I was about ten, yes, I did. But that’s all changed now. And my voice is not as good as it used to be. Lara: Of course it is! It’s improved, in my opinion. Isn’t it funny! I hated being in plays when I was a child, I’d do anything to avoid acting, and look at me now, I’m a full time drama teacher. Jack: Yes, I often wonder why you didn’t become an actor rather than a teacher. You seemed to have all the qualities… Lara: Yes, it makes me sad to think about it. I’d be earning lots of money now. Anyway, about that part in my play. How about this? I’ll send you a copy of the play and you can have a look at it and then you can decide… Jack: I’ll do that, but I can’t promise I’ll say yes, OK? Now, listen, why don’t you have the play a week later? That would give you time to find an actor and … Lara: Oh, that would disappoint everyone, I can’t do that. We’ll talk again after the weekend. I must go now. Do give me a call. Bye! Jack: Bye! I’ll call you on Monday. 1. Lara is confident that her play will be a success. 2. Jack enjoyed acting when he was a child. 3. Lara thinks that Jack’s voice was better when he was younger. 4. Jack expected Lara to have a successful career in acting. 5. Jack agrees to spend time reading the play. 6. Lara will try to change the date for the play.
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я думаю предложения 2, 4, 5
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