твир на тему моя школа по английськи

твир на тему моя школа по английськи
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Владислав Пинчук
For me, school - this is my second home. Here we communicate, advise and grow up. For many students, the school and for me - it's something more than just education. No wonder adults say that the high school years - the best years of their lives. Yes indeed, the most important years of his life a person spends in school. It is here that he finds true friends, determined to choose their hobbies, first encounters with life's difficulties and enjoying their first victories. School for a long time remain in everyone's heart lighter stage of life. Even in childhood man decides whom to be, what profession to choose. The school character is formed, made up our attitude to the world, here we are taught to think logically. The more one learns, the more he understands himself, surroundings, close friends. All important in the life of man begins at school. How will you in school, and so you'll be in later life. I am in the most wonderful school Polyarny Zori - gymnasium № 1. I am sure that this is the school able to really educate and teach. At my school, the best teachers. They do not spend their lessons, and each tries to interest his subject. All together and each teacher individually teaches us not only to solve the examples and problems, correctly and write correctly, but also because of our teachers, we realize the most important science: to be honest, kind, good at talking, make friends. I love my school, and am very glad that it is in this study. Here I open my inner world has known his inner "I". School - my second home, and every time I go to a school with a smile and good humor. In the school are the best years of my our life - adolescence. I am glad that my youth is being held here!
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Даниил Артеменко

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