диалог на английском языке на тему "Дружбы" срочно!!!!

диалог на английском языке на тему "Дружбы" срочно!!!!
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Светлана Максимова
If you're not .... That's not me
... And today Hedgehog said Baby Bear:
- How did a good thing we have each other!
Teddy bear nodded.
- Just imagine: I do not, you sit alone and no one to talk.
- And where are you?
- And I do not.
- It does not happen, - said Bear.
- I think so - said the Hedgehog. - But suddenly there - I do not have. You are one. What are you going to do? ..
- Turn everything upside down, and you otyschesh!
- No me, nowhere!
- Then, then ... Then I run out in the field, - said Bear. - And shout: 'E-ee-and-Mrs.-and-k,' and you hear a scream, "Medvezhono-of-the-ok! ..". Here.
- No, - said the Hedgehog. - I was not a bit not. Do you understand?
- What are you bothering me? - Angry bear. - If you do not, then I do not. Got it? ... These simple truths can be seen even in the cartoon. Anywhere. The main thing to be able to hear and listen.
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Ринат Базилевский

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