Помогите плиз сделать сочинение: что нельзя делать на улице, как по ОБЖ (не разговарить с не

Помогите плиз сделать сочинение: что нельзя делать на улице, как по ОБЖ (не разговарить с не знакомыми на улице и т. п.)
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Often stay in the city is more dangerous than in the wild and deserted places. City - the center of contrasts, and along with civilized life can exist here and semi phenomenon. Criminals often act without waiting for the night. What explains such impudence? Everyday life is so isolates people that everyone has to deal only with the business. Indifference to the people of business habits become character trait of the townspeople. Ask for help in the street is unlikely to get it from someone. Newspapers regularly publish evidence on crimes committed in large and small towns, when others do not have the courage to intervene. At the sight of this kind of news quite involuntarily want to ask yourself: how to behave in these jungles? If you are stopped by the offender, avoid responding to this violent action, especially if he was armed, and even more so if you are not sure that you can protect yourself. This is not the occasion to risk being injured, not yet having undergone a robbery. Disgusting to say, but the best way to reduce the physical violence to himself - not to resist. So say criminologists. Expert practitioners, adding that the attacked has a better chance of survival if the offender admits his superiority or power over you. Such obedience is not for many is a natural feature, but before taking any retaliatory action better how to weigh the possible consequences. Especially since the criminals themselves in situations of their clear superiority usually behave quite accommodating. Follow the tips we provide below, and it will, on the one hand, to reduce the probability of getting into trouble, but on the other - will increase your level of readiness to confront internal challenges. So, being in the city: Avoid walking alone in sparsely populated areas;
give up, if possible, from the night of movement, or at least use a taxi;
If you are rude to turn over the alleged mistakes or make you an object of ridicule, do not reply and do not give in to provocation;
Try to anticipate and avoid unpleasant situations;
do not stop, if possible, car hitchhiking and do not settle for what you got a ride to strangers;
Do not display money or jewelry, they should keep in your pocket, briefcase or in another safe place;
Do not overload yourself parcels and packages, it is always better to have freedom of movement, in case if you need to defend;
If someone bothers you walk and you can not break free, contact a police officer, ring the bell for every door;
Move around in a strange city with a card that will save you time, for the same reason, more contact to different people, when you look an address, because the only answer may be incorrect;
do not show too clearly that you are a tourist, walk around with the local newspaper under his arm, mix with the locals;
be attentive to the doorways and poorly lit corners, trying to avoid them if possible;
if any motorist asks for advice, give it to quickly and accurately or to apologize that you did not know this place, but does not accompany a stranger;
Do not sit in an empty bus, and if you still have to do it, get closer to the driver;
when you go in the city, always handy to have available a few small coins and tickets for public transport. Avoid crowded places: markets, crowds, queues, etc.
It was in the crowd easily run into those who steal bags and wallets.
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