найти текст на английском про мусор

найти текст на английском про мусор
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So, dear reader, a little story about the garbage. No, not about the cops. And anyway, how can the ministers be called the rule of law garbage? They have their own name, it is befitting to them: "Humane and Unselfish Servant of the People, and Pillars of Morality." So the story is not about them, but about the real junk.Such as: candy wrappers, cigarette butts, paper scraps and bits of apple.
Once in a certain city began to build a large mansion. Built Tajiks.They built a long time, but then somehow died down and the construction of the mansion was left unfinished. Here you are, dear reader, might find that you want to read about the garbage, and not about the unfinished mansion. Certainly.
Approximately five months after construction of the mansion was frozen, residents began to complain that the streets are too many nevyvozimogo debris. Apple cores, wrappers, cigarette butts, and many other kinds of garbage filled the city. Garbage becoming more and more, no one cleaned and the residents began to seriously fear for their own health. They wrote letters to the mayor angry about the situation with the garbage, but the result was zero.Finally, a crowd outraged citizens, who laid siege to the town hall and put up a picket near it. To the crowd came the Mayor of the city.Hearing the crowd demands to remove the debris and put in order, he found them very fair and promised to remove all the next morning. And imagine this, dear reader, the very next day the city was a virgin. Rubbish disappeared in an unknown direction.
Now let us leave at the time satisfied the changes in population and look at the already mentioned at the beginning of the unfinished mansion. And lo! A few days after the entire municipal waste was removed, the mansion as soon as possible has been completed.Tajiks were replaced by the Moldavians, building materials hauled smartly and efficiently, so that after a few weeks after the removal of debris in two desyakah meters from City Hall proudly offered up their towers three-story mansion, surrounded by guards with dogs and two fences.
And since then, and has become a tradition. A cousin of the mayor, who owns the house and often goes on his porch to smoke and have fun singing the following song:
We refuse to build and live helps!
He does not peter out we had!
After all, love to trash the countryside and villages,
And like the big city garbage!      
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