помогите,пожалуйста, написать эссе о жестоких видах спорта

помогите,пожалуйста, написать эссе о жестоких видах спорта
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Roman Savchenko
Муай thaw — the most cruel sport in the world.  Муай thaw it is known as the most cruel sport and the most deadly form of martial art. Thai boxing one of the confidants to street fight of single combats.
Муай thaw or Thai boxing occurred from ancient Thai martial art муай a ram and in transfer meaning «free fight». Modern муай thaw call «fight of eight extremities» as in it strike blows ступнями, shins, fists, elbows and knees. Most blows in near fight are considered as crushings. Martial art муай thaw arose more than 2000 years ago, in it trained in armies for conducting fight without the weapon. To especially outstanding fighters appropriated a noble title and enlisted in royal guard. Also there was the regiment of royal protection consisting of the best fighters муай thaw.
Initially fights were conducted barehanded, then hands began to wind with strips from horse skins that not only protected hands, but also did blow to stronger. After began to use cotton tapes and hempen ropes. The blow put with a hand, wound such rope, led to numerous bruises and cuts at the opponent. The tradition to bandage hands remained and to this day, despite introduction of boxing gloves.
In difference from ancient times when the won left a platform either cruelly hackneyed, or dead, modern муай thaw it is limited to five rounds for three minutes. Instead of an earth platform the ring in the size of 6х6 meters is established.
Муай thaw for many Thai men the only way to be beaten out from poverty. Even children often are engaged муай thaw and act on a ring since five years. One more difference муай thaw it a traditional prayer and ceremonial dance which are carried out before each fight.
In equipment муай thaw traditional blows hands are considered auxiliary and less effective in difference from blows as feet, elbows and knees. In difference from boxing in муай thaw seldom blows on the case as it does open the head for reciprocal attack by an elbow or a knee are used. One more difference consists in clinch use. So in traditional boxing of fighters separate, and in муай thaw a clinch it is welcomed and used for blows by elbows and knees or, on the contrary, for protection against them.
Cruel nature of trainings, rationality of movements, the high speed, the thought-over equipment and tactics do fighters муай thaw one of the most dangerous opponents. This most effective martial art, both in sports, and in real fight.
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