нужно составить рассказ о человеке подражания. ну типо о ЛОМОНОСОВЕ

нужно составить рассказ о человеке подражания. ну типо о ЛОМОНОСОВЕ
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Евгения Криль
"You are the supporter of what each of us has a person to whom we try to imitate? Not important as strongly we do it, the fact is important … Or you it disprove?” - asked once me. "No, no, certainly I agree. Someone fell in love with his trait of character in a certain person and tries to develop it at itself, someone imitates up to habits, clothes … However, if the second isn't fanaticism. And the third, maybe, in general considers that it has no such person. But we that with you know that somewhere at heart it is present” - I answered the set question. "And who it at you and why? Who for you an idol? Ideal? Object for imitation?” - again asked me a question. "This person Mikhail Lomonosov, - without reflecting for one second, I answered and continued the answer. - Now I will tell why. You how I understand, don't hurry up?
Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov … Great person … It gave so many different works that, probably, changed history (I doubt only because I can not look at the world without Lomonosov) … And it is possible for such people and it is necessary to imitate, if besides, it changed history to the best. All this it made thanks to strong (further it is possible to put a set of other adjectives) persons.
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Тимур Горожанский

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