ессе на тему if i ruled the world...150 слів...треба написати про всякі хвороби...глобальні

ессе на тему if i ruled the world...150 слів...треба написати про всякі хвороби...глобальні проблеми людства**дякую))
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Дмитрий Павленко
Global problems of mankind - problems and situations which cover many countries, Earth atmosphere, the World Ocean and a circumterraneous space and mention all population of Earth. Global problems of mankind can't be solved by forces of one country, in common developed regulations on the environmental protection, the coordinated economic policy, the help to the backward countries, etc. are necessary. Everything is interconnected with everything - the first ecological law says. Means, and a step it is impossible to step, without having touched, and at times and without having broken something from environment. Each step of the person on a usual lawn are tens ruined microorganisms, the spugnuty insects changing migratory ways or maybe reducing natural efficiency. Last century there was an alarm of the person for destiny of a planet, and current century business reached crisis of world ecological system because of renewal of loads of environment.
Global problems of the present — set of problems of mankind on which decision social progress and civilization preservation depends.
What is the global problems? It would seem, the question is clear long ago, and their circle was defined still in the early seventies when the term "global studies" started to be applied, there were first models of global development. One of definitions carries to global "the problems resulting objective development of society, creating threats to all mankind and demanding for the solution of the combined efforts of all world community". Correctness of this definition depends on what problems to carry to the global. If it is a narrow circle of the highest, planetary problems, it quite corresponds to truth. If to add here such problems as natural disasters (it is global only in sense of possibility of manifestation in the region), then this definition appears narrow, limiting in what its sense consists.
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Бодя Волощук

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