Срочно!!нужно сочинение о школе на английском

Срочно!!нужно сочинение о школе на английском
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Valeriya Karaseva
The school is an immense world of knowledge. It spend most of their time and study students. How hard it was for a child who comes in first class, with his little tiny hands to display every letter, every tsiferki, and how easy it was to find common language with their peers. The school is a big family, for each student, and as in any family and the school have their parents - a teacher. It was they who first taught us to write, read, comprehend the depth of knowledge. In school, we find real friends, gain knowledge and learn from life. The school gives us support, brings warmth and joy. Teachers devote our soul. Cozy atmosphere betrayed school walls, which are drawn characters of fairy tales. The school runs many activities in which children sing songs, dance and poetry tell, put acting performances. It is at such events, each child can show off their talents to others. Our school surrounded by a beautiful, cozy park. At the school has a basketball court, a variety of horizontal bars. The school is one of the most wonderful time of life. Memories of her are the lightest.Sometimes I look at the first-graders, and I so want to return time and again to go to primary school, to relive the joys and tribulations of junior pupils. I love my school and I guess I will be very sad to part with it. I think when we grow up, and we will have families of their own, with sorrow we shall remember our childhood, carefree school days, our school house, which was so warm and cozy and our classmates, who became for us native people.
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Adeliya Kuharenko

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