Діалог на тему ( Розмова з другом)

Діалог на тему ( Розмова з другом)
Категория: Английский язык 4 года назад
На вопрос 4 года назад
Стася Хомченко
- Hello. It's Olga. Can I speak to Nina?
- Wait a minute...  
- Hi, Olga! How are you.
- I'm fine. Thanks. What about you?
 - Not very good. I've a terrible headache and I cneeze every minutes...
 - Oh, sorry... What did the doctor say?
 - He said that I should stay in bed but I don't want...
- You must.Yesterday you had so high temperature!Take a lot of medicines. I'll call you tomorrow. Get better!
- Hi, thank you for calling.
- See you!
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елина Янченко

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