Помогите пожалуйста написать сочинение о молодёжных субкультурах на английском!

Помогите пожалуйста написать сочинение о молодёжных субкультурах на английском!
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Sasha Marchenko
I think Body modification is a subculture because it coexists with contemporary society yet is distinct and different from our society's norms. But being a part of a subculture you could work and socialize amongst others who also support body modification and alternative lifestyles. Tattoos and body piercing confirm to others that you belong to a particular group, or define yourself as different or unique from general society. People choose to pierce or tattoo their bodies for many different reasons. Finding a subculture to belong to might help people feel more in control and secure while coexisting in a more hectic dominate society. In some cultures piercing and tattooing ones body is for tribal or spiritual markings. People who take part in this subculture feel it shows a "social" presentation of themselves and their experiences. Some people get tattoos to show they are apart of a particular group or gang. One most likely would not attain a professional, political, or high ranking position in society with a neon purple bar through their lip. Like peer influence, rebellion, and for others or "outsiders" to view them as different from the norm. What makes your subculture a "subculture"?One of the cultural features in the body modification subculture is defining who you are by extreme piercing, tattooing, or marking your body with jewelry and symbols.
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Natalya Sergeenko

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