составить паспорт Беларуси Landscape: Famous for: History: Other information :

составить паспорт Беларуси Landscape: Famous for: History: Other information :
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Демид Капустин
Ландшафт:The flat,lots of woods and lakes. Знаменита:famous people,Bialowieza Pushcha,the Brest Fortress,Belarusian Grandfather Frost's Residence,Khatyn,Minsk is the largest and most unusual in the cis library,produce the largest dump trucks and tractors Belarus Belaz,largest reserves of potash,Music Festival Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk,clean streets,potatoes,nature,locsk,old mansions,churches,temples. История:On the territory of Belarus primitive man appeared at about 100-35 thousand years ago. 1915-1916-the territory of Belarus there bloody battles between Germany and Russian troops. March 1918 was announced BNR January 1,1919 proclaimed by the BSSR 1922 the Belarusian SSP became part of the SU 1921-1928-in Belarus,as well as thnoughout the SU,carried out the NEP 1921-39-The Polish authorities in Western Belarus is actively pursued a policy of Polonization September 17,1939-Red Army entered western Belarus,these areas were introduced into the BSSR September 1941-B.is fully occupied by the German army End of June-July 1944-the territory of B. is completely liberated by the Red Army from Nazi occupation 1945-B. adopted in the UN member states 1991-B. was proclaimed an independent state 1994-the election of the first independent government of the President of the Republic of B. B--Беларусь  
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Инна Ашихмина

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